About Us

We live in the times of innovation, cutting edge technology and with an impeccable sense of savoir-faire.  With the rapidly changing lifestyles and refined tastes, much importance is given to interiors of homes, corporate parks, retail outlets, high –end coffee shops and lounges, commercial places and industrial areas which reflects the mood of the current iPod generation.

From the flooring to ceiling and everything in between, emphasis is laid on attractive look which is modern and edgy.

Unique Interbuild is a professional firm in the field of interiors and construction with a extensive professional experience and skill.   Proficient in completing turnkey interior projects which includes various jobs such as  interior jobs which include flooring, furnishing, carpentry, painting, to false ceiling, glazing, fabrication etc.  The jobs also include electrical fittings and HVAC,  and the complete range of such tasks.  

With our service spread Pan India, Unique Interbuild strives to continuously improve in the field of their specialization of  architecture, interior designing, to augment of experience to handle various types of jobs of any magnitude.

In the earlier times, interior designing was simply a part of the construction. Today however, with rapid development and tech savvy times, contemporary designs dictate the optimum use and function of space offering maximum competence and adjustment.

 With a reputation for innovative refurbishments, we have “earned our place in the sun” for our disciplined manner of working in terms of budget, quality and delivery time.  We are Unique Interbuild

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